Simple Glucose Monitoring Without Finger Pricks

Abbot's Freestyle Libre is a new glucose monitoring device that is available in Europe right now, and may be available in America sometimes soon. This new device can mean an end to the pain and frustration of multiple daily finger pricks to monitor blood glucose levels.

How it Works

The Freestyle Libre works with a coin-sized patch that has a reader as thin as a hair. You insert the reader under the skin, and the patch stays in place for 14 days.

A small, hand-held device, about the size of a cell phone, helps you monitor blood glucose continuously. Not only can you check your current glucose, but you can keep track of trends for the two week period when wearing the patch.


Initial reviews have shown that Abbot's Freestyle Libre is impressively accurate, so that it can be used to help insulin dosing.

The glucose reader patch is comfortable, lightweight and discreet. The monitor can detect readings through bulky clothing for maximum convenience. The device is easy to set up and to navigate.

It's about time for diabetes management to enter the twenty first century!

Photo: Diatribe