Researchers Discover Treatment that Reverses Diabetes

Could diabetes be eradicated one day? It's possible-- and that day might be closer than you think. New research published in 'Scientific Reports' shows scientists have found an effective treatment that reverses diabetes in mice.

The Treatment

Scientists treated diabetic mice with an immune cell protein called interleukin-35. Normally, a diabetic produces destructive proteins which damage insulin-producing cells. Interleukin-35 is a protective, anti-inflammatory protein.

"To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to show that IL-35 can reverse established Type 1 diabetes,” said researcher Kailash Singh. “Also, we are providing an insight into a novel mechanism: how immune regulatory T cells change their fate under autoimmune conditions.”

Time Will Tell

This new treatment hasn't been tested on humans yet, so even if it does work as we hope it will be a long time before it is approved and put on the market. Still, it's good to know that hope springs eternal and the future looks bright for diabetics everywhere.

Photo: Food Navigator